Buying In Arizona - Phoenix metropolitan area

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Home Sweet Home

Finding the right house for your needs, right area, mortgage, inspections, negotiations....This may seem a daunting task, even if this is your not first home. No worries! Many years working in real estate and knowing well the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, I can assure you, you will successfully close on your home and be able to focus in your moving.

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Commercial, Residential, and Rentals

Looking for cash flow? Phoenix is now the 5th largest city in United States and Maricopa County where the Phoenix Metropolitan Area is located grew 12.83% since 2010. In Phoenix, the average rent for a 3 bedrooms with 1,223 square feet average is now $1,316. 

The opportunity is not in the residential. Apartment complex also offer an opportunity to build a portfolio with a considerable cash flow as the population grows and the demand surpasses our supply.